Presented here are a series of logo options to be presented as part of a wider proposal to create a restaurant, bar and museum/memorabilia display centred on highlighting and celebrating the history and culture of board riding and surf riding in the New Brighton area. The name, logo and concept are currently work in progress with a number of prominent business people and surfers from the area.

In 2013 the national literacy association underwent re-branding. This was followed by each regional board rolling out their own new logo. a representative of the Canterbury association contacted me to discuss options for a new logo that more accurately reflected the way literacy was being portrayed and consumed in schools through traditional media such as books as well as digital media.

Georgie Cotton established Fitness X Christchurch after splitting from a former fitness business. Since 2012 she has worked with me to establish new branding and evolved a successful identity based on her direction. We have worked closely as her workout programme and timetable has changed through seasons and locations.

Logo design for a carpet and decorating installation company based in Christchurch

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